Contract Covering all on call and AC servicing Boilers Servicing

Service Contract On call

Full maintenance and services of most systems and premises without spare parts as following details to insure good service and fast within 2 hours attending calls.

1.      Boiler and heating system Service 2 times per year labor cost included only.

2.      Cooling System (AC) 4 times services only nothing included.

3.      Water supply system and water drainage system one time disinfection and water tank cleaning.

4.      Electrical circuits maintenance and repairing.

5.      All manual Doors and windows (Glass and Door leaf not included in this contract).

6.      Walls and floors maintenance Repair.

7.      All Wooden and metal furniture repair and maintenance.

Note: including in this contract Laboratory water test report 1 time per year.

Excluded from this contract.

1.      Any system not mentioned in this contract will be charged separately as per market rates.