Pricing list

Pricing list all within Amman area only


Visit to identify issues without repairing the issue.                                                                30 JD's  

Visit with solving and repairing issues visit cost will be including the repair cost.           ?????

AC servicing four times per year include gas Summer/winter   minimum 6 tons.            12.5/Ton

Boiler servicing and reducing consumption without parts 2 times per year                      45 JD's / 35 K Calories.

Disinfection and Cleaning of Water system including Laboratories test 2 times/year        40 JD's/ 1 cubic meter.

Health & Safety check of all Premises with full report 1 time/year.                                       200 JD's per day

Water proofing with guarantees of five years supply and apply for clean surface             6.5 JD's per square meter.

Swimming pools servicing with all Chemicals needed 2 hours/day monthly                      150 JD's/50 Cubic meters.

All pricing are negotiable depend on location and situation